Guweiz - The Art Of Gu Zheng Wei (En Inglés) [Libro de Arte] - USA

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Guweiz - The Art Of Gu Zheng Wei (En Inglés) [Libro de Arte] - USA

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💬 Título en inglés 🇺🇸

Idioma: Inglés

Editorial: ‎ 3DTotal Publishing

Formato: Tapa dura, 22.8cm x 30.4cm

Género: Libro de Arte

Autor:  Zheng Wei Gu

Edad de lectura: 14 años y más.

Digital artist Zheng Wei Gu (AKA Guweiz) shares his anime-inspired world in this beautifully produced and insightful book, leading you through his fantasy world with a portfolio packed with gritty detail and a surreal vibe.

Guweiz began drawing when he was 17, inspired by an anime art tutorial on YouTube. Discovering a natural talent, he carried on drawing and quickly amassed a fan-base for his edgy illustration style. Throughout this book, readers will discover his artistic journey from the very beginning, with behind-the-scenes details about how some of his most popular pieces were created. He reveals his secrets for turning influences into truly original digital art, including that all-important narrative that takes drawing and painting beyond the purely visual. Step-by-step tutorials share techniques and tips to help you create these sorts of effects in your art, resulting in images with the depth of detail and intrigue that Guweiz has made his trademark. The artist’s unique urban take on the popular manga/anime style is gripping right from the first page, from the surreal take on Japanese lifestyle to the urban fantasy he creates.

Manga conocido como: Guweiz - The Art Of Gu Zheng Wei

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