Grandmaster Of Demonic Cultivation - Mo Dao Zu Shi N.° 05 [Novela Ligera] (En Inglés) - USA

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Grandmaster Of Demonic Cultivation - Mo Dao Zu Shi N.° 05 [Novela Ligera] (En Inglés) - USA


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Detalles del producto

Idioma: Inglés

Editorial: Seven Seas

Formato: Tapa 

Género:  Novela Ligera

Autor: Mo Xiang Tong Xiu

Edad de lectura: 18 años y más.

NEW YORK TIMES BEST SELLER! Also known as MDZS, the blockbuster danmei/Boys’ Love novels from China that inspired comics, animation, and the live-action series The Untamed! This historical fantasy tale of two powerful men who find each other through life and death is now officially in English, for the very first time–and don’t miss the manhua adaptation, which Seven Seas will publish in English paperbacks!

Wei Wuxian was once one of the most powerful men of his generation, a talented and clever young cultivator who harnessed martial arts and spirituality into powerful abilities. But when the horrors of war led him to seek more power through demonic cultivation, the world’s respect for his abilities turned to fear, and his death was celebrated throughout the land.

Years later, he awakens in the body of an aggrieved young man who sacrifices his soul so that Wei Wuxian can exact revenge on his behalf. Though granted a second life, Wei Wuxian is not free from his first, nor the mysteries that appear before him now. Yet this time, he’ll face it all with the righteous and esteemed Lan Wangji at his side, another powerful cultivator whose unwavering dedication and shared memories of their past will help shine a light on the dark truths that surround them.

The Seven Seas English-language edition will include exclusive, all-new covers from Jin Fang (jinzillaa), interior illustrations from Marina Privalova (BaoshanKaro), and a translation by Suika (yummysuika) with editor Pengie (pengiesama).

Manga conocido como: Grandmaster Of Demonic Cultivation, Mo Dao Zu Shi. MDZS


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